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Activation e-mails work again.
Please feel free to register at FCMappers.net


We are very sorry that our mail server has not been working correctly since June 2018. Because of this the activation emails have not been sent since then and the users have not been able to download the FCMapper. We really apologize for the inconvenience. We will try to solve the problem and will notify this here in the next few days.

If you need to use the FCMapper please register and then send me and e-mail with your username and email manually to michaelbachhofer [at] gmx [dot] net
Many thanks for your understanding.


Michael Bachhofer received a one-year scholarship in fine art from the state of Carinthia for developing FCM and other relational diagrams as an artistic method to bring it out of academia.


Problem solved in current download

Please download the latest version, although the trends and interpretation of the former version(s) should be the same.


instead of the following calculation:


FCMapper did that:


Pease DO NOT downaload the FCMapper. A user reported a possible problem, but definitely a mistake in our code, that has to be changed before we can savely recommend FCMapper again (today is the 26th of Jan2016 and we will try to fix the problem within the next few days)


FCMappers starts cooperation with Multi-Criteria Evaluation System OPTamos developed within the EU-project ROBIN


Read more about it on our Website-> http://www.fcmappers.net/joomla/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=77&Itemid=62

There will be a major update to our website during the next few weeks. It is possible that the website will look a little bit different afterwards, so don´t be shocked.

Because we did not do too many update within the last years, we now are forced to update to a new CMS and because of that it is possible and quite probable that the template and design will have to change. We hope we will not have a lot of down time during the update process. Until around mid October everything should run again.

I´m a little late with this info but please check out Shaun´s R-version of the FCMapper.

-> https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/FCMapper/index.html

New FCMappers version (v2.0) planned for 2014

There are ideas about releasing a new version of the FCMapper which will include an automatic tool that shows you how to reach your planned systems change. We also plan to release a first version of our aggregation tool that will helpyou to combine several maps.

As some of you might have seen, the upgrade did not work; we did not have a main menu. I set everything back to the old version. (4.9.2013)

Upgrade to newest CMS software version

We will upgrate our system, therefore our website might be offline for a while.
The upgrad will start August 1st and we hope we will have a running system until the 2nd.

CALL for proposals!!!


Write a book chapter for the following Springer Book: Fuzzy Cognitive maps for Applied Sciences and Engineering

Editor: Elpiniki Papageorgiou

To be published in the "Intelligent Systems Reference Library", book series, Springer (2013) - http://www.springer.com/series/8578

The goal of the book is to be a new didactic book on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, presenting the fundamentals of this technique, the extensions and the learning algorithms which have been already proposed in applied sciences and engineering. Also, new and innovative works on this area are strongly welcome.

Important dates:
2-page Proposal Submission Deadline: 2. May 2012
Full Chapter Submission (in Word or PDF): 10 July 2012
Notification of Full Chapter Acceptance: 9 September 2012
Revised Chapter Submission: 30 October 2012
Final Notification of Acceptance: 15 December 2012

Full chapters  should be of around 5,000 words in length and/or 12 pages long. All chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind basis. The book is to be published in the "Intelligent Systems Reference Library" book series, Springer. This publication is anticipated to be released in early 2013.

Submission of manuscripts
Inquiries (e-mail) and submissions can be forwarded electronically to:

Dr. Elpiniki I. Papageorgiou
epapageorgiou[at]teilam.gr (please replace [at] throught the sign normally occuring in emailaddresses)
Technological Educational Institute of Lamia, Greece (www.epapagerogiou.com)

Download PDF with full information

New EULA!!!

Starting March 1st we will have a new EULA. There will be just one addendum to the old one that will be similar to the following.

FCMapper is not completly for free! Please provide a short text that describes how you want to use FCMapper. The text should contain:
  • your name
  • your institution
  • a short description of the project- including a link to the project homepage if available
  • a short description of how you are using FCM and FCMapper in this project
  • when your project is finished an example of a graphical FCM (jpg, bmp,...)
We are happy to provide support to all users that have submitted this information!

This information will be provided through a form on our webpage. Via a checkbox you will be able to define if we are allowed to publish your provided information on our website http://FCMappers.net .

We wish you happy New Year 2012!!!

Hopefully we will find more time to further develop the FCMapper during 2012 than we did 2011.

We now included a facebook module and Martin made us a facebook page

Please feel free to post your comments and likes :) !

I don´t know to much about facebook (Martin help me!!! :), but I would find it interesting and fine if it could improve our communication about FCM. Maybe those of you that use facebook regularly now have an interesting channel to participate in the development and application of fuzzy cognitive mapping. We hope this option will enrich our community.

We are thinking about Android and/or iPhone Apps
to draw FCMs directly on your smart phone. This app should then export the matrix you need for the analysis within FCMapper.

At the moment it is just an idea, but we invested several hours onto the conceptual design and we definitely want such a tool. In the end it should be possible to sketch a system and do basic analysis directly on your smartphone or iPad or tablet-pc. If you have any suggestions, please let us know!

Translating the webpage into Japanese,
Japan is one of the leaders in applied fuzzy logic and also was the driving force in this field, when no one seemed to be interested in such theory.
We search for someone that is able to translate our webpage into Japanese.

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in translating our webpage into Japanese?
We would really appreciate any help.
Thanks in advance!

Because of several SPAM-Attacs,

we installed a system that will keep us save in future. You now have to solve an easy calculation before registering and before sending us a message.

The calculations are placed right above the send and register buttons. If you cannot sove the task, we do not recomment FCM or any other maths based method for you and your research :)

Problems with our mailserver!!!

We just found out that our mailserver does not work correctly and we did not get messages transmitted to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Unfortunately this error occured since May 2010 but we did not realize it. We did not get your email-address as well, so there is no chance to contact you and answer your questions. We feel very sorry for that!

It now works again.



Our aggregation-tool is almost ready for its release!!!

It will take about two more weeks for testing then we will be able to provide you a tool for adding up your maps and for condensing it. The Aggregator will also support you in logging every change you make. You will be able to choose between manual aggregation and automatic aggregation processes. Finally the logged aggregations can be displayed as a network.

Time goes by, no visible changes, but...
we plan to release a new version of FCMapper in August/September

Changes will be:
* New squashing functions to choose from
* First official release of the FCMapper-Aggregator (aggregates/combines/simplifies FCMs)
* Partial release of FCMapper-Visualizer (intuitive tool for aestetic visualization)

We want to encourage you to share information within the community
The FCMappers community count about 200 active registered users, but almost no one shares information. Most of you just take but do not give anything back.
We developed the FCMapper tools and built up this webpage on our own expenses. Our vision was to create a platform where all the FCMappers worldwide will share their knowledge about this interesting method. That we all will get an idea about the high number of micellaneous issues that are explored by the support of FCM. That the beginners get everything they need to start working with FCM. That we all have the possibility to find new ways to apply FCM within our research and to get new ideas about where and how to use FCM.

Please have a look at "your powers and resonsibilities" and help to turn our vision into reality!



Problems receiving your inquiries
Due to misconfiguration of the forwarding email-addresses for info [at] fcmappers.net, we did not get you inquiries through this email address. This problem obviously started in November 2009. We feel very sorry for that and will answer all past requests in the next few days.

From today info [at] fcmappers.net will work properly.

143 active users from more than 30 countries all over the world!

We did not find a lot of time for the FCMappers project last month but try to do our best in future.

99 active users! (and some inactive)
Maybe today or tomorrow our community will reach the magical 100 users mark - we are a little bit excited.

Excel Setup:

Please switch the separators in excel from ',' (comma) to '.' (period) to generate a correctly working *.net-file!
The notice board in the download-section will remind you again.

Software Download
Available Again !

With some browsers like IE 8 it was not possible to download FCMapper in the past. A member informed us so we could solve the problem.
Thanks again!

Please feel free to download your free copy of the latest version of FCMapper.

Problems within our SOFTWARE section!!!

In some browsers like IE 8 it is not possible to download FCMapper. We feel very sorry for that and will fix the problem until 2010/01/18.

If you need the updated software please contact us and we will send it to you via email.

The NEW FCMapper version is now available!!!

We were able to get rid of most of the bugs and included a routine making work with several matrices at the same time easier.
You can download FCMapper Vs 1.0 in the software section. The current version is based on the "old" Excel. If you would like to obtain a version for Excel 2007 (with nicer colors), please write us.

Tomorrow (19.11) a new version of FCMapper will be available!

You might have noticed the "dog-ear" in the upper right corner of our site. We want to draw attention and support the current student protests in Vienna for better conditions for university teaching & research in Austria.

Now we are almost there! The project section has been updated as well as the Weblink section (were we are adding new stuff as we find it...). A new FCMapper will be available in the next days - maybe already tomorrow...

Yes - the site is still under construction - but you can already find a number of links to interesting resources (papers, conferences, etc.) under the "Weblinks" section! Have a look and feel free to contribute! (12.10.09)

The Website is still under construction - as you might have noticed - but we hope to get it launched this week!
If you are already interested in contributing feel free to contact us! (05.10.09)

To publish news on FCMappers website you have to have at least author rights within this system.

Give your newsmessage a title that fits, write down the message within the editor and select "News" as the correct section and "Latest news and short news" as category.

To also fill out Metadata is always a good idea if you publish articles.

Have fun!
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We wish you happy New Year 2012!!!

Hopefully we will find more time to further develop the FCMapper during 2012 than we did 2011.

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Activation e-mails work again.
Please feel free to register at FCMappers.net