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FCMapper - our Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping Software Solution

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Yes, you found the page that will show you the way to FCMapper (say: fuzzy cognitive mapper or FC-Mapper). FCMapper is the first available FCM analysis tool based on MS Excel and FREE for non-commercial use. It was developed to save time during the process of analyzing and visulizing FCMs. 

FCMapper was first released as a beta version at the beginning of July 2009. We are still further developing this tool and a set of other closely related tools to complete a FCMappers-Toolbox. For 2016 we are planning to release a new version of the FCMapper and to also release a first verion of our aggregation tool to easily combine several FCMs. FCMapper v2.0 wil also include a tool which aitomatically shows which management options would result in the desired system change(s).

As a registered user you can download FCMapper. It is for FREE if used non-commercially. If not registered yet, please feel free to register by clicking register me! Currently you are not able to access the code behind FCMapper - and you propably would not be happy if you could, as we did not find the time to clean and comment it in a proper way. Anyway if you are interested in contributing to developing FCMapper and need access to the code please contact us!


When registering, please provide your correct email address and check it at least twice for any typos. You cannot register without email verification. So in any case you will get an email from us.

Please check your spam-folder if you do not receive an email within a few minutes after registration.


If you are already registered, DOWNLOAD FCMapper!

For visualizing your FCMs you will need additional social-network software. Currently FCMapper supports the net-file format, which can be opened with Pajek or Visone (both are freely available).

You can find more information on FCMapper in the Tutorials section of this web-site.

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