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Advancing FCMapper

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FCMapper (Fuzzy Cognitive Mapper) is still in the beta stage. It runs, but there remain some bugs to fix and we would like to implement a number of new ideas for indices and also completely new features. The VBA-Excel version of FCMapper will be supplemented by other modules of the FCMapper's toolbox. An aggregation tool (FCMapper-Aggregator) is currently being developed. This tool will aggregate different maps on the same subject automatically by comparing and merging the names of the factors in the maps. It also offers the possibility to manually aggregate factors. With this tool it is very simple to produce social maps and condensed cognitive interpretation diagrams (CIDs).

We are also working on features of the FCMapper to ease the import of matrices as well as developing even better scenario tools, which will include possibilities for optimization. Tools for partitioning and grouping factors are also under development.

A Java based version of the software is also a long term goal. Currently we are in the process of translating VBA to JAVA.

If you are interested in contributing - perhaps because you need some extra fancy feature or just for fun - do not hesitate to contact us!

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