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Your powers and responibilities

Your powers and responsibilities

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Registered users of FCMappers have some powers but also some responsibilities.

Your powers are:

  • access to data and information that is specified as "for registerd users only"
  • the possibility to write new articles and edit your old ones at any time (apply for authorship)
  • the possibility to share your knowledge (projects, weblinks,...) if you apply for authorship
  • the possibility of making decission belonging to where the community will go to, which features are needed,...
  • beiing informed about newest developments within network analysis especially FCM

Your responsibilies are:

  • helping others by sharing your information about FCM
  • formating the articles in a standardized form
  • sharing your projects with others within this network

You can at any time apply for authorship or any other funktion within our network.

We expect that if you have any recommendations about the webside or FCMapper that you will contact us.


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