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Projects current projects Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM) in ALTER-Net

Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping (FCM) in ALTER-Net

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Six case studies across Europe used FCM in different settings with the aim to evaluate this method for its use in integrated conservation management and social-ecological system analysis were conducted in the frame of ALTER-Net. ALTER-Net is a partnership of 24 research organisations in Europe, developed in the EC´s Sixth Framework Programme.

45 FCMs were drawn by stakeholders in single or group interview settings. We largely followed the approach as suggested by Özesmi & Özesmi (2004). A detailed interview guideline is available at the Alter-Net hompage.

For Austria a dynamic analysis was conducted. The results were compared to the results of an integrated agent based model of the same area (Gaube et al 2009). The trends show a high overlap.
Currently an article with the results is finalized - and will  be submitted this year.

Following project reports are already available on the ALTER-Net homepage:
You can find additional information on the Austrian case study at the Austrian Environmental Agency.

For questions contact: Martin Wildenberg

Some results:


Figure 1: Six FCMs with different structural patterns. FCM 1 is taken from the Spanish case study, FCM 2 from the Finnish, FCM 3 from the Austrian, FCM4 from the Polish, FCM5 from the Romanian and FCM 6 from the Danish case study.


Figure 2: The social map of the seven Austrian FCMs


Figure 3: The results of the three scenario runs for the most central concepts of the seven Austrian maps.


Isak, K.G.Q., M., Wildenberg, Adamescu, C.M., Skov, F., De Blust, G., 2009. Manual for applying Fuzzy Cognitive Mapping – experiences from ALTER-Net. Internal working paper. A Long-Term Biodiversity, Ecosystem and Awareness Research Network. Further information and contacts available through the internet: < http://www.alter-net.info/>

Gaube, V. C. Kaiser, M. Wildenberg, H. Adensam, P. Fleissner, J. Kobler, J. Lutz, A. Schaumberger, J. Schaumberger, B. Smetschka, A. Wolf, A. Richter, H. Haberl 2009. Combining agent-based and stock-flow modelling approaches in a participative analysis of the integrated land system in Reichraming, Austria. Landscape Ecology.

Özesmi U., S. L. Özesmi, 2004 Ecological models based on people's knowledge: a multi-step fuzzy cognitive mapping approach, Ecological Modelling, Volume 176, Issues 1-2, 15, Pages 43-64,

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